About Us

Sophi.Glam., is a modern day fashion accesory boutique, based in New York. It was born out of a passion for unique fashion and a keen understanding of how an impeccably styled outfit can inspire confidence and brilliance in anyone. 

The founder could not deny the positive energy she felt accesorizing new outfits and exploring new styles.  She also noticed how this positive energy helped her maintain her sense of self in times of transition.  This revelation solidified her vision to use fashion as a spark to inspire herself and others and is the reason we believe that style can positively affect one's soul. 

Sophi.Glam. is shorthand for Sophisticated Glamour and truly speaks to the founder's passion shared above. Our definition of Sophi.Glam. is to, "shine chicly against all odds".  

The main goal of this boutique is to help you be your best self by using fashion as inspiration, so get ready to transcend to your highest heights in fashion and in life.  

Our Services:

  • Online accesory boutique, www.sophiglam.com. You've found us, so let the shopping begin!
  • We are happy to bring our jewelry to any event or vending engagement. To inquire, Contact Us.
  • For your viewing pleasure...we do it for the 'gram.  Follow us @sophiglam on Instagram. 


We bring the spark, you bring sparkle!

The Sophisticated Glamour Company